Drawing inspiration from the great visionary Swami Dayanand Saraswati our school has kept alive the culture and civilization of our holyland and propogates the performance of Hawan, recitation of Gayatri Mantra, Sandhya Mantra and Shantipath so that they become a part and parcel of one’s life and the students learn to appreciate and be proud of their cultural heritage.


Art and craft classes provide outlet to our children’s imagination on canvas.


Regular Exercises being performed for toning the different parts of the body help the budding sportstars of the school to keep fit for all the sporting activities. There is a greater amount of emphasis on shaping high levels of physical fitness to match mental alertness in the youth in their formative years.


The school boasts of a full-fledged basket ball court so that the students practise regularly under a coach. The girls and boys teams have won prizes in a number of tournaments at district and state level

Dance & Music

Our students are participating in various competition in District, State & International Level and won so many prizes.


Great care is given to health and hygiene. School has the facility for sick room and basic First Aid. Annual Comprehensive Health check is carried out by a team of doctors from a reputed hospital. Timely seminars are also organised to aware the students to face the unwanted, anti social elements in the society. Sexual Harassment Committee has been constituted and its members Mrs. Anita Uppal, Mrs. Nishchint, Mr. Ajay Sharma, Mrs. Sunita Sachdeva, Mrs. Nirmal and Mrs. Kamaldeep counsel the students.

To address the grievances of students and parents Mr. Rai Singh Bhandari (Mob: 09971065082) is appointed as Redressal Officer.